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Rachael Pullen
On-Premise vs Cloud: Which is Right for Your Business?

There are a number of pros and cons when deciding between cloud and..

Bill Lincoln
Opinion: How will Brexit Impact the UK's Power Supply

I recently watched a documentary on how busy the UK Channel is as a..

Graham Sawell
Opinion: Gartner - Field Service Management Debate & Opinion

The 2017 edition of the Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management was..

Rachael Pullen
Opinion: Whats Next for Retail in 2018?

2018 has the hallmarks of being a successful year for retail if retailers..

Laurence Cramp
Trends: Five Telecoms Trends and What They Mean for Operators and Field Service

In this article Laurence Cramp looks at the top 5 trends for..

Mark Thompson
Opinion: Developer Services - Cinderella No More?

Improved customer service in the water industry has been a mainstay of Ofwat..

Mark Thompson
Opinion: OFWAT 2020: The Impact on Workforce Scheduling

OFWAT objectives for Water 2020 will have a very clear impact on job and..

Laurence Cramp
Opinion: The Nuclear Option – What Next for UK Nuclear Power?

In this article Laurence Cramp looks at what's next for Nuclear Power in the..

Laurence Cramp
Opinion: Cutting the Cost of Poor Service in Telecoms

What is the cost of poor service to telecoms sector players? The answer is..

Laura Mattin
Opinion: Facilities Management: Are Your Systems Ready for 2018?

The start of a new year is always a good time to take stock and reflect on..

How the Battleground for Field Service is Changing

In this post Alastair Clifford-Jones looks at how the focus of field service..

Rachael Pullen
Blog: Putting Your Customers in Control

In an era of consumer transparency, Rachael Pullen explores why businesses..

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