Improve your field service business

Written by
Laurence Cramp

Improve your field service business

Written by
Laurence Cramp

Improve your field service business

Written by
Laurence Cramp

Finding the right path to improve your business

Too often businesses spend time, money and resource trying to implement new technology or processes that quickly become inefficient with unexpected costs. It’s then only natural to blame the new system when things don’t work.

Our Healthcheck is like a routine check-up that delivers real benefits for field service operations. It analyses and evaluates the effectiveness of a field operations business and provides expert advice on how to achieve optimum efficiency.

We help to uncover the real reasons that changes fail in a business...and in our experience, the technology isn’t the only problem. We spend time getting to know a field business and all of its dimensions. This usually includes considering current issues across technology, processes and people. We will review your technology to understand where it could work better. We will spend time with your field staff, management teams, scheduling and dispatch and all of those other functions that support them. We want to gain a first hand perspective of what works well and what needs improvement.

Where to improve?

If you are looking to improve your field operation, what are the core components you need to consider? We use a maturity model to review service business and help organisations understand how they perform today and how this compares against good practice in their industry and across the service sector. We like to consider a few different core components, some of which include:

Asset Management - The ability for a business to make appropriate decisions on the optimum way to operate and maintain its assets and use this to inform its work programme.

Planning - How effectively a service business takes a forecasted view of demand and looks at resourcing needs and management.

Customer Management - Understanding the ability of the service business to manage the customer through the entire customer journey.

Logistics - The ability to efficiently and effectively manage the supply, stocking and delivery of plant and materials to undertake the work.

Work Scheduling & Dispatch - Deep dive into the planning, scheduling and dispatch function and how it operates, including the effective allocation and dispatch of work to field engineers (i.e. to get the right work done).

Job Execution - Evaluating the ways in which the work is delivered in the field, from first hand experience.

Performance & Knowledge Management - An understanding of how the field teams are performance managed and they ways in which knowledge and information inform process delivery.

Job Closure - Reviewing how effective the job closure processes are in minimising follow on work and capturing accurate work information and field resource hours and parts.

Culture - Understanding how well the field operation focuses on continuous improvement and driving change.

What are the benefits?

Our customers tell us that a systematic review of their field business has many benefits! Typically these include:

  • An ability to use resources more efficiently 
  • Expert advice on cost saving opportunities available
  • Information needed to align systems, processes and customer needs
  • Opportunity to improve the quality of operational delivery
  • Allowing the field business to more accurately understand demand and capacity
  • Improving scheduling and dispatch function to become more proactive
  • Ensuring that field users are heard and their improvements are actioned
  • Improving the end to end customer experience

Speak to us

Leadent is truly impartial. Our advice is guided by best practice and isn’t clouded by internal politics. All of our team have significant experience in field service operations and understand the challenges that business face first hand. We’re business consultants but we’re also experts in technology too! This means we only give recommendations that we know can work.